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Welcome to Ann Dineen Photography, I’m a wedding photographer based in Swansea and available throughout the UK. I love photographing people so weddings are perfect for me.

I keep things simple as far as wedding packages go, why not take a look at my prices page,   both my packages include all your photographs, all individually edited, full-size and watermark free on a flash drive, so you can create your own photo books, print or share them as you wish. I’m a photographer, you’ve paid me to capture your day so I want you to have all your photos and be able to share them with family and friends without incurring additional costs. I have no interest in trying to sell you canvases or prints so you can be sure that the price you pay is all you pay.

1DSC_0579_edited-1DSC_4799-2DSC_4807IMG_0067 copy1IMG_0068IMG_0113IMG_0126 copyIMG_0197IMG_0224IMG_0464IMG_0648IMG_0746_edited-3IMG_0930VINIMG_1276 2IMG_1376_edited-1IMG_1636IMG_2189-2IMG_3051IMG_3158IMG_3463IMG_3834VINBWIMG_3868VINBWIMG_3915IMG_4494-2IMG_4535IMG_4698IMG_4754IMG_5165IMG_5361IMG_5491_edited-1IMG_5920_edited-2IMG_6808bwIMG_6926IMG_7253vinIMG_7258bw1IMG_8132IMG_8814IMG_8985_edited-1IMG_9479IMG_9794IMG_9824_edited-1leila4_edited-1leilaeditnyree and matthew_edited-2NYREEBW

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